Adidas Barricade V Mens Tennis Shoes

How many times can a company come out with a different version of a shoe? A newer version may look prettier or have some kind of superficial improvement, but is there anything about the latest and greatest that makes you say “they outdid themselves”, or do you end up pulling your old ones out of the closet.

Adidas Barricade V Men Tennis Shoes

Adidas set out to improve the Barricade IV, an already popular shoe mong tennis players, with the Barricade V.

Initially the shoe fits a bit stiff and might take a wear or two to become comfortable in the Barricade V’s.

It doesn’t take long to break in and find the comfort level is higher than the IV.

More padding at the toe and increased mesh help you feel at home quickly.

If you’ve been wearing the Adidas Barricade for a while, you shouldn’t experience much difference in the length of the shoe.

Any newcomers or those sitting on the fence regarding the length of your shoe, it is a good bet to go a half size up with the Barricade V.

Width is true to size, so nothing to worry about there.

The arch is a bit lower in the Barricade V than the IV, though the difference is negligible and doesn’t affect the overall performance of the shoe.

From the Barricade II through the IV, the shoe had gained 1.8 ounces, weighing in at 17.8.

The V tips the scales at a slender 17 ounces (for a size 10.5.) In and of itself an ounce may not seem like much, but it was done while improving on the previous version’s comfort and durability.

Adidas cut down the weight by increasing the amount of mesh in the shoe.

The Barricade V has more mesh on the upper, so you end up with breathable fabric along your entire foot, keeping you cool and increasing flexibility without surrendering support.

The sole of the shoe is durable and you won’t find much of a difference between the last Barricade IV and the Barricade V, since both use the same adiWEAR 6 technology.

Adidas provides a six month warranty on the outer sole, should you have any concerns. In addition to the toughness of the soul, traction is great so there’s no slippage with even intense lateral movements.

The Adidas Barricade V is a worthy successor, adding comfort and flexibility to an established line of tennis shoes.