Babolat Team Lady 3 Women’s Tennis Shoes

Tennis is a wonderful sport in which to exercise, gain hand-eye coordination skills, learn how to compete, and make friends.

It can be both challenging and very fun and can be done with the most simple equipment.

All you’ll really need for a pick-up game of tennis is a tennis racket, a good stash of balls, and a sturdy pair of sneakers.

Now, although you don’t need much to play tennis, sometimes it’s not a bad idea to get some really fancy shoes for the court, especially if you play competitively.

Personally, I’d love to have a special tennis shoe even for my recreational play.

The Babolat Team Lady 3 women’s tennis shoe is specially cushioned and much lighter weight than previous models.

Just hearing those words makes this shoe sound especially comfortable to play tennis in.

Furthermore, this shoe is encased on the upper half with memory foam which adds comfort and support as it conforms to the shape of your foot.

Special outsoles made by Michelin provide lasting durability and traction for a safer game.

This shoe is the essence of comfort while being entirely practical.

Babolat has designed the Team Lady 3 tennis shoe with high-end technology to improve your performance on the court as it offers you stability and comfort.

The midsole of this shoe is especially unique with its molded EVA and Exact Pro layers which generates a dynamic impulse to help with your footwork and rebounds during a game.

Shock absorption in the heel has been designed specifically for tennis, and once again, the outsole provides traction on all surfaces.

I noticed these shoes were slightly short in their fit, so if you’re one to wear several pairs of socks or thick socks, you may have you go up a half size or so to find a better fit.

Overall, the shoe is very streamlined and supportive while being light and easy to move in.

Though the Babolat Team Lady 3 is well-designed and high-quality, it didn’t require an extensive break in.

The shoe provided comfort and stability as well as traction.

Personally, the only part about this shoe I perhaps was not entirely thrilled with is the white color simply because of the tendency to get dirty quicker.

So, if you’re looking for a mid-price range, good-quality tennis shoe, the Babolat Team Lady 3 women’s tennis shoe might be just the thing for you.