Head Prestige Pro Tennis Shoes

Head Prestige Pro tennis shoes come in designs for both men and women. Then men’s shoe is white, black, and blue, looking very professional and sleek. The women’s shoe is equally as stylish, but only white and black with a touch of pink as part of the design. These performance driven shoes are an impressive piece of footwear, known for extreme comfort and all-around traction.

Both the men’s and women’s Prestige Pro are created with EVA footbed features for a comfortable, supportive inside. The softens and shock absorbers keep your feet in the game stronger and longer. A special non-slip cover, usually just along the heel means there will be no slipping nor sliding within the shoe.

The build of this shoe fits to normal size, so you won’t need to be testing out different sizes from what you’d normally wear. The Prestige Pro has a sturdy arch, and I’ve found that it does an excellent job in supporting the foot to prevent muscle strains or weakness. A slight break in period is normal, but the shoes will conform to your feet shortly and with very little inconvenience.

Though Head’s Prestige Pro is a slightly heavier shoe, weighing in at 13.8 ounces for a size 8.5, it’s design is sleek and streamlined to provide speed and agility on the court. The shock absorption in the heel softens the impact for the knees and lower back and also distributes the impact evenly throughout the entire foot. A special comfort grid in the center of the shoe improves stability, motion, and control.

The Prestige Pro brings out new technology, especially in that this design has been created to have more even shock and vibration distribution, unique forward propulsion, and more ventilation and mesh to keep feet cooler and breathing easy. Furthermore, Head’s HyBrasion rubber provides toe drag resistance for better and longer play on any surface you might find yourself.

I found the Head Prestige Pro tennis shoe to not only be stylish and quite comfortable, but also very breathable and easy to maneuver in. The traction on many surfaces as well as the sturdy structure of this shoe make it a durable and high-quality footwear option. Though the price may seem a bit lofty, I would conclude that the quality is worth the cost, especially when you’re you’re looking for a professional shoe for your days on the tennis court.