Head Radical Pro Men’s Tennis Shoes

The Head Radical Pro Men’s Tennis Shoes are a must wear

Hey guys, do your feet ache and sweat after each tennis match?

Are the jumps starting to aggravate you, causing some major foot pain?

Then I think there is a perfect, tennis shoe for you.

Made out of synthetic materials and breathable mesh, Head’s Radical Pro Tennis Shoe was made for the serious tennis player in mind.

The Head Radical has a six month outer sole durability guarantee to ensure that they last.

It utilizes Head’s Lateral Control Technology to provide serious support and stability for a game that is hard on your feet.

These shoes also provide toe bumps for additional, long lasting strength.

Which makes for a great shoe that I would love to wear off the court too.

It also offers a non-marking sole made from radical rings and pods for superior traction control where ever you are.

With the Head Radical you could even play tennis in the winter, out doors, that is how great the traction is.

Head has a cooling system that provides maximum breath ability, sort of a built in climate control, that works by absorbing and then releasing the heat that has built up.

Hmmmm, a climate controlled shoe made especially for tennis players? Sounds too good to be true, but it is true. How awesome is that?

The inner sole contains Head’s CXG Comfort Grid that was developed for top performance shoes, made especially for the hard core tennis player.

Super shock absorption in the inner sole was specifically designed for the intense maneuvering that tennis requires.

It takes the soreness away from you and lets you add some extra time to your game.

These shoes will give you a leg up on your opponent.

While your opposing team (or player) is getting hot and tired, your standing there nice and comfortably cool-ready for more.

This has got to be one of the best things, if not the best thing, that has ever been created for tennis (next to the game itself).

I don’t think there has been another tennis shoe that has come close to this innovated one. Now I want a pair…

See you on the court!