How Long Do Tennis Shoes Last?

Knowing how long tennis shoes last is essential as wearing worn-out tennis shoes is as bad as having the wrong-sized shoe.

When researching how long tennis shoes last, it was discovered it is crucial to replace your old tennis shoes to ensure your comfort while wearing, improve your performance, and prevent injuries. Experts agree, the golden rule to replacing your shoes is after 40 to 60 hours of play or if they begin showing signs of wear and tear.

When Should Tennis Shoes be Replaced?

There is no exact answer or science to knowing when to replace your tennis shoes.

The shoes do not come with an odometer to show you how long you’ve been wearing them like your car has to show when the oil needs changing.

Different brands will have varying lifespans, so you will have to judge the change according to how the shoe is holding up.

How long your tennis shoes are going to last will depend significantly on their design. The lightweight style will not remain as supportive or padded and tend to wear much faster.

The heavier styles are more stable, with more cushioning, and tend to last longer.

There are considerations to take into account as more frequent players will wear their shoes out much faster. How often you play and how you play are both factors in the lifespan of your tennis shoes.

The type of court you are playing on most often will also have a significant impact on the durability of the shoe.

If you are a serious baseliner when you are on the court, and play several days during the week, you are going to witness more damage to your shoes than the casual, doubles, clay court players.

When you start to see damage to your shoes, you know it’s time to consider replacing them.

Why is it Important to Know How Long Tennis Shoes will Last?

Tennis is an extremely active game, as you know, and your feet bear the brunt of this action. It doesn’t matter if you play professionally or if you are walking onto the court for the first time, your tennis shoes are going to be an essential part of your game.

There are numerous styles of tennis shoes, and they differ according to the playing surface you will be on most often to the type of player you are in the game.

Selecting the right tennis shoe will depend on the comfort level they provide you, the amount of support they give your feet and ankles, and how long they are going to last.

Once you have determined the type of tennis shoe that will work best, you will then choose a brand that is known for quality to ensure you have an adequate lifespan with your shoes. In other words, choose a brand that is known for durable footwear.

What You Should Know About Tennis Shoes and How Long They Last

There is no shortage of court surfaces and playing styles in tennis, which is why there is a variety of tennis shoes to choose from.

With a little research and the information provided here, you will be able to select the tennis shoe to give you superior support and know when that shoe is no longer useful.

The support you receive from your tennis shoe will depend on the style you choose. Your foot form will determine the best shoe for you, such as the shoes with lateral support are best if you have a pronated form to your feet.

If you have pronated feet, you will notice excessive wear to your shoes on the inside area near the balls of your feet.

About sixty percent of the population has this form to their feet, and with a shoe that has lateral support, you will be at less risk of injury during your play.

Your shoe will last longer also as you will not be causing excessive wear to that part of the shoe over the other areas.

If you have a supinated form to your feet, you will notice excess wear on the outside of your heel and forefoot.

A tennis shoe with greater flexibility and shock absorption will work better for you with this type of form, and it will add space for your heel.

Having the proper fit of your shoe to the shape of your feet will allow your shoes to wear evenly and not cause excess wear and tear to certain areas.

Knowing the type of shoe you need will then lead you to the brand of shoe you trust best.

There is a multitude of brands on the market that offer various features and cutting-edge technology in their athletic shoes.

Choose the brand you are familiar with and know stands behind their quality products.

People Who Wonder How Long Tennis Shoes Last Also Wonder About Walking Shoes Longevity

If you are an active person who enjoys a game of tennis, a fast-paced run, or a brisk walk may wonder how long you can expect your walking shoes to last.

The fit of the shoe is the primary concern with good walking shoes, as it must provide comfort and support to your feet.

Maintaining the quality of any active shoe, whether for playing tennis, running, or walking, is imperative to the health of your feet and body.

Make sure you examine your walking shoes or any athletic footwear regularly.

Running shoes can be expected to last up to 500 miles, tennis shoes can last up to 60 hours of play, and walking shoes can last as long as 1,500 miles.

The brand or quality of the shoe will determine its lifespan and how durable it has been constructed.

Check and change your shoes whenever you begin to notice signs of wear and tear, as this is a sign they are no longer providing the support your feet and ankles need.


You now know how important it is to have the proper footwear when playing tennis, and that it is essential to your well-being to replace these shoes when they begin to wear-out.

Proper footwear means it is still able to stand up to the rigors of your game, and if your tennis shoes are worn down, you are not getting the support your feet need.

How long your tennis shoes will last depends on the factors we’ve listed here for you. Your job will be to monitor the wear and tear of your shoes and know when it is time for a new pair.