How to Buy Tennis Shoes

Buying tennis shoes can be a discouraging endeavor these days. You walk into your local shoe store and on the wall you find dozens and dozens of choices. It’s enough to exhaust you before you’ve even begun your exercise regime. This undertaking, however, does not have to be as hard as it seems as long as you keep a few things in mind.

How to Buy Tennis Shoes

The most important factor is fit. This includes getting the right size of shoe for your foot. Foot size can change, so measure your foot twice a year. As an avid tennis player, I’ve found that the fit of a shoe will determine whether or not the shoe actually has a “break-in” period. If a shoe has the correct padding and stability and a good fit around your forefoot and heel, you should be able to wear it out of the box and play tennis, run or exercise in it without worrying about getting blisters.

Another important factor in selecting your tennis shoe is knowing what type of foot you have. There are basically three types of feet. Pronated, Neutral and Supinated. I have a very scientific and extremely accurate way of diagnosing foot type that I’ll share with you. Get your foot wet, step onto a paper sack then look at the print. If you can see the entire sole of your foot with no distinct arch, it is pronated. If you can see only a portion of your forefoot and heel with a thin connection between the two, your foot is supinated. If you can see most of the forefoot and heel and most of your midsole with a distinctive arch, then your foot has a neutral arch.

Now that you know your foot type, you can follow these guidelines for finding the right pair of tennis shoes. If your foot is supinated, you will want to find a shoe that is cushioned and has a soft midsole. If your foot is pronated, you will need a shoe that has some type of motion-control and maximum support. If you’re foot is in the neutral category, you’ll need a stability shoe that has a good mix of cushioning and support.

Ultimately, these factors are the most important when purchasing tennis shoes. So, next time you feel overwhelmed by the number of shoes on the wall, just remember these simple steps and you’ll be out the door and playing tennis comfortably in no time.