K-Swiss Ascendor SLT Men’s Tennis Shoes

After a good tennis racquet and a decent ball, the most essential item for any player would be the tennis shoes.

Tennis is a physical game of agility and mobility. So the lighter the apparel you wear (including the shoes), the more you can “spring” on the hard tennis court or lawn.

However with the lightweight, stability should not be lost or as a player you would have trouble balancing on your shoes.

K-Swiss Ascendor SLT Men’s Tennis Shoes is one such light weight shoes (a size 10.5 shoe would weigh only 14.4 ounces) that provide stability and durability.

The Ascendor SLT combines style and lightweight to help you to be aggressive in your performance.

It has a unique DuraFlow upper and a mesh covered by durable poly/nylon material thus lessening on the weight of the materials.

This combination also provides ventilation and exceptional stability. I also found it to have a nice cushioning effect while on the court.

It has low to the ground with a very stable feeling. Its durability is quite incomparable.

It has a true to size length fit and the fit is narrower than its predecessors.

The width fit at the heel and the midfoot is almost glove like while the toe box has more generous space.

It also provides medium support at the arch. The cushion effect comes from lightweight EVA with TPU cushion.

The heel and the forefoot has extra cushion with shock spring.

The outer sole is made from Aosta 7.0, a durable and non marking rubber while the toe guard is wrapped with DuraWrap LT that has high abrasion resistance quality.

DragGuard provides additional durability in the toe and the heel region.

It’s modified herringbone outer sole offered good traction on most court surfaces. I own a Navy shoe, but it is also available in white color.

The ultra lightness of the shoe definitely helped me get to the ball faster.

This shoe by all odds looks the most original shoe this season. With the laces threading through the upper it provides a real tight fit.

I also found the price quite affordable, because it is great value for money. With good ventilation or breath-ability,

I found it quite comfortable even after long hours of practice.

The innovative technology and material that go into making the shoe work together and helps maximize the speed and agility of small time tennis players’ like us.