NEW BALANCE 656 Ladies Tennis Shoes

New Balance have long been the favored tennis shoe brand among women tennis players.

If you take a look around the court at any tennis tournament, you are more than likely going to see New Balance tennis shoes on the feet of the more serious players.

The shoes manufactured by this company are designed specifically for the particular needs of women and their feet.

The 656 model is no exception to this rule, as it is a comfortable, durable tennis shoe tailor made for ladies.

The 656 is heavily padded, with a cushion insole that acts as a shock absorber for women’s thinner feet.

The fine bones of the foot are protected from the hard surface of the court and are less affected by the impact of running and stopping.

Even after playing two matches in a day, you will not feel the need to soak your feet if you wear this shoe.

This model is light weight, appropriate for not only tennis, but also for walking, or any cross training activities.

The sole of the shoe is of a thickness that makes it long wearing and also grooved appropriately for tennis, allowing for both gripping and sliding on the court surface.

Having torn the ACL ligament in my knee by wearing shoes that over-gripped the court, I am particularly sensitive to this shoe design element.

The attractive design of the shoe also makes it a popular choice for women athletes.

The styling is in line with most of the New Balance products, which are sleek and more subtle in appearance than many of the more obtrusive brands.

These white shoes are the perfect compliment to any outfit and will not conflict with even the most colorful attire.

There is a reason that New Balance consistently rates among the most popular tennis shoe for most players.

The contemporary design, comfortable fit and trademark quality make it a dependable shoe for men and women of all ages and abilities.

It is really the only brand of shoe that I wear, and this particular 656 design is a great addition to the New Balance family.