New Balance Tennis Shoes Womens WCT 1003W

New Balance Tennis Shoes WCT 1003W for women are comfortable, durable and exceptional shoes. These tennis shoes are beautifully made in white, blue and gray and the shoes will go with any outfit, whether it be your tennis outfit, aerobics gear, or to wear everyday with your jeans. They are primarily white with aqua blue piping, and light gray trim. The soles are made with blue and gray also. These New Balance shoes offer comfort and style at a great price

Supreme shock absorption is engineered in these tennis shoes to offer you the best foot support possible. The heel offers high absorption to protect and cushion your feet. The midsoles are made of New Balance’s lightest foam for comfort and support. New Balance uses “S” curve technology for stability and balance. The midsoles are lightweight and flexible due to the C-Cap midsole design. The sturdy outsole allows you to move quickly, with grace and agility on the court. The New Balance tennis shoes allow you to execute quick turns and stops when playing tennis or during aerobics. The drag tip is a high abrasion toe wrap of each shoe to protect it from scuffing.

NDurance Outsole Warranty is New Balance’s guarantee that the outsole will out last any outsole that you have worn previously. New Balance’s engineering also keeps your feet cool and dry with new Lightning Dry lining. Lightning Dry lining whisks away the moisture to protect your feet from moisture. These New Balance shoes also have a mesh section of the upper shoe to allow air flow, and lightweight support.

New Balance Tennis Shoes WCT 1003W are excellent for everyday wear, aerobics, tennis, or work. These highly engineered shoes will provide your feet with the comfort, support, shock absorption, and Lightning Dry lining for any job your feet ask them to do. This high quality, supreme New Balance tennis shoe offers style, durability, cushioning, agility, and comfort at an affordable price. Your feet need to be protected and taken care of at a reasonable price, and New Balance is a premier shoe for your tennis or every day athletic shoe needs.