Nike Air Max Breathe Cage Men’s ​Tennis Shoes

The Nike Air Max Breathe Cage Men’s Tennis Shoes are one of the best pairs of tennis shoes on the market.

They are some of the greatest in spreed oriented support, stability, and court feel, all while offering the highest levels of durability and comfort.

Compared to previous versions of Nike’s Air Max Breathe, the Cage is made with a newly designed fit that offers a wider opening and a more relaxed width, making this version of the Breathe suitable to a wider variety of foot types.

This enables players who may have wider feet to take advantage of this great shoe with easier access to it.

Now everyone can enjoy the great comfort that the uni-tongue design of the Nike Air Max Breathe Cage has to offer.

The Nike Air Max Breathe Cage Men’s Tennis Shoe has a great arch support, that offers adequate support to any style of play when the shoe laces are tied tightly.

Though the arch support is slightly lower than your average tennis shoe, it works out just fine and supports even the most aggressive style of play.

Whether you are a beginner playing casually or an aggressive player with more experience, the arch support on the Air Max Breathe Cage should work out just fine for you.

As previously stated, the Nike Air Max Breathe Cage offers a wider, and slightly more relaxed fit than the previous versions in the Nike series.

The greatest part about this more roomy, comfortable feel is that it does not take away from the support.

The shoe, even more so than most other tennis shoes, offers a great court feel and stability like no other.

These shoes make the game seem more effortless, and will make you feel more stable on the court than you ever have before.

Nike has introduced an extra durable rubber compound to their Air Max Breathe Cage, which is used for the entire length of the shoe’s out sole.

After hours of play, the Air Max Breathe Cage showes almost no signs of wear and tear, and is easily the most durable shoe in the series to date.

These shoes also are made with a specifically designed tread pattern that gives them the most efficient traction on all surfaces of play.

The traction holds up with any sudden stops or changes in direction, making this the most efficient tennis shoe for players of all ages, experience, and skill levels.