Prince Men’s T20 Series Tennis Shoes

I’ve been wearing Nikes since the Agassi days. The style of Prince’s Mens shoes just didn’t seem current from a cosmetic point of view. These T20’s however are really slick. They were attractive enough for me to purchase and the performance is simply inarguable.

I have a tendency to get heavy footed later into a match or practice. These shoes are extremely light and breathable. I stayed really cool in 85 degree weather while wearing these for about 2.5 hours. No other court shoes I have ever purchased breathed as well.

The shoe seems to be made up of standard court shoe materials and doesn’t scream technology. That may be the reason I like them so much.

It’s easy to tell that research has been done in the areas of breathability, flexibility, traction and mobility without an overbearing or unusual appearance.

The ankle cuffs start lower than on a normal court shoe, which I understand is for comfort for anyone wearing a brace. I enjoyed the lower cut out of personal preference. Some of the mid height court shoes feel too stiff. It’s nice for someone who doesn’t suffer from ankle problems to have a shoe that is open through the ankle like these.

Prince’s shoes feel very light wihtout feeling cheap or skimpy in the sole. I was happy with the cushioning system, and my feet have stayed pretty comfortable through matches to this point.

The sizes must be standard, because it was true to my foot out of the box. I have a slightly wider foot but the T20’s were fine without any extra width noted in the size.

The most enjoyable things about these shoes has got to be the price tag. I know from experience that there are more technologically sophisticated shoes on the market. I also know that there may be lighter or more durable shoes. When considering all of the factors that make a good shoe, though, it’s hard to argue with the combination of these features in the T20 and their respective quality versus that of a brand that might charge you twice as much.

This is a really good tennis shoe at a price where you will not be able to find all of the comforts from another brand.