Tennis Shoes Selection – Picking the Right One

There are numerous tennis shoes in the market today.

Depending on your level of tennis playing, you should choose the tennis shoes that are right for you!

There are numerous factors that you should take into consideration before purchasing a tennis shoe.

Before we start, let me tell you a few things about myself.

I have been playing tennis for 15 years now, and I still continue to play competitively with people around me.

For my side job, I review tennis accessories.

In return for getting all the tennis accessories free, I always give a quality review of the product for the company that sends me their item.

With this said, I have gone through literally hundreds of tennis shoes, checking each one and knowing exactly what to look for.

How To Pick the Right Tennis Shoes

The first thing is the amount you are willing to spend on it.

If you play competitively with someone whether it is friends or for a tournament, you should definitely look into buying a mid range to high range tennis shoe.

The reason for this is that when you are in the middle of a competitive game, the worst thing that could happen is your shoe starting to bother you.

It is extremely frustrating when you got additional factors on top of the game you are playing that is stressing you out.

You want to be able to focus on your game.

You want to feel how light the shoe is. The lightest shoe is the best. Just because it is light does not mean it is always good.

You have to make sure that the shoe is durable as well.

Find the one that has high quality material and still provides the lightness you need in order to swiftly move around the court.

You also want to check the sole of the shoe. Most tennis shoes provide this, but occasionally there are some shoes that do not have quality sole on the bottom of their shoes.

You do not want to slip at all in the middle of the tennis game. Not only will you lose the point, but it will be embarrassing as well.

Some other key things to look for are the softness and cushion on the heel of your shoes.

Comfort is extremely important if you are going to be playing for a long time.

After playing tennis for awhile, your feet will start hurting and get tired soon.

By maximizing the comfort from your shoes, you can last a long time on the court without feeling any discomfort.

Good luck in choosing your tennis shoes!