Wilson Tour II Pro Men’s Tennis Shoe

If you play tennis in a regular basis, sturdy and durable tennis shoes are essential. It does not matter if you are Raphael Nadal or Roger Federer. If you play tennis, you need good tennis shoes. Frequent sprinting and rapid stops will wear out regular shoes, so it is important to have shoes that are comfortable and can last long.

Wilson Tour II products can provide amazing level of comfort by gently cushioning your heels and letting your forefoot to be near the ground as much as possible. Wilson Tour II Pro  also allows you to receive some air in your shoes, permitting some ventilation to reduce sweat and smell. For the midfoot, there is the TPU Stable Wrap to establish balance for players who want to actively come up to the net and manage pressuring gameplay. The tread pattern forWilson Tour II Pro is suitable for many courts, so you would be able to benefit in concrete, grass, and clay courts.

From the superficial aspect, you will be able to notice the amazing color combination of white, black, and gold. Solely based on the appearance, it is hard to believe that the luxurious and handsome designs were made for tennis shoes. Now, let me get to more technical matters like size and weight. I noticed that the arch support for this shoe was a bit bigger than medium. Length matched the size, and width was about medium as well. The weight of shoes is 16.0 ounces for size 10.5, so if your size is less than that, then it will be less, and same logic applies if your size was bigger.

I personally think that it is an incredible product for you if you want to look great while feeling great. I have seen several tennis shoes, and one of my major conflicts with them was the design. It was just too plain, and often comes in either just white or gray. This is the first one I have ever seen in gold, and I think that you will love how Wilson’s “W” is shown up in gold as well. The price for this item is reasonable as well, which actually surprised me. Just like any serious purchase, one good product can save you the trouble for several years to come. Why should you risk your play and health by playing with cheap tennis shoes? You should not.