Wilson Trance All Court Mens Tennis Shoes

When it comes to tennis equipment, Wilson has dominated the market by creating quality products that remain superior to the competition and affordable for all athletes.

With Wilson’s Trance All-Court Tennis shoes, Wilson continues this tradition of quality through a level of comfort and functionality for the tennis player that wants to rule the courts and remain comfortable at the same time.

The first thing you will notice when your foot slides into The Trance is the snug yet not overbearing fit of the shoes.

This secure fit allows for essential ankle and foot support to help prevent injury, but is designed with a breathable mesh exterior to help your feet breathe.

This design also remains lightweight, preventing your feet from feeling trapped as many other clunky, athletic shoes may.

The Trance also uses DST Foam within their shoes to help keep your fast and responsive on any tennis court, be it soft or hard.

The soles of your feet will be able to feel and react to the court and still feel great.

To keep the foot healthy and strong, Wilson had added extra padding around the ankle area to aid in the prevention of area specific injuries such as sprains and splints that are common with athletic activity.

On top of the DST Foam and the padding over the ankle region, the medium arch within The TRANCE fits the average foot perfectly preventing painful, flat feet without an obtrusive high arch that can feel awkward when playing your hardest.

Most importantly for any athletic footwear is the sole.

The Trance has a Duralast Supreme soul that will hug any court surface for precise and technical foot work, while lessening the pressure on your feet while playing on harder court surfaces.

Sometimes the more a company adds to a shoe, the heavier they become.

But Wilson realizes the importance of a lightweight shoe to keep you moving fast across the courts while still keeping your feet safe and comfortable.

That is why The Trance weighs only 14.9 ounces at a male size 10.5.

This weight provides enough support and protection to keep your feet feeling good and working strong, while still allowing you to maneuver the tennis courts without feeling hindered.

With a comfortable, firm fitting body and a sole that allows for play on any court surface, The Wilson Trance All-Court tennis shoe is the way to play.